American Heros - Secret Service Agent Clint Hill


December 7, 1975 - 60 Minutes Interview - On CBS News

Clint Hill was born in 1932. In September of 1958 he joined the Secret Service and worked out of it's Denver office. In 1959 he was assigned to the White House detail and protected President Dwight Eisenhower. When President Kennedy was elected, Clint Hill was assigned to Mrs. Kennedy's detail.

Clint Hill was on duty in Dallas November 1963 assigned as Mrs. Kennedy's protection detail. He was in the follow-up car when President Kennedy was assassinated. Because of his spit second reaction, Clint Hill ran to the Presidental Lemo as shots rang out. Mrs. Kennedy came up out of the lemo and climbed onto the trunk area of the vehicle. If it would not have been for Clint Hill, Mrs. Kennedy would have likely fallen out of the vehicle off of the trunk lid. Hill was able to climb onto the rear of the vehicle and get Mrs. Kennedy back into her seat just as the driver hit the gas. Clint Hill (as all Secret Service Agents did) suffered greatly becuase of what happened in Dallas and stuffed his feelings not only on that day for
for many years after. He was putting other people first.

On Decemeber 7th 1975, many years after the assassination, he was interviewed by Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes and talked about these six seconds in Dallas for the first time. He had never talked about it before to anyone, not even his wife. He had guilt feelings he carried with him for many years. Here is an except from that interview and I 60 Minutes link of the interview.

WALLACE: Was there any way— Was there anything that the Secret Service or Clint Hill could have done to keep that from happening?
HILL: Clint Hill, yes.
WALLACE: "Clint Hill, yes"? What do you mean?
HILL: If he had acted about five-tenths of a second faster, or maybe a second faster, I wouldn't be here today.
WALLACE: You mean you would have gotten there and you would have taken the shot?
HILL: The third shot, yes, sir.
WALLACE: And that would have been all right with you?
HILL: That would have been fine with me.
WALLACE: But you couldn't. You got there in less than two seconds, Clint. You couldn't have gotten there. You don't—you surely don't have any sense of guilt about that?
HILL: Yes, I certainly do. I have a great deal of guilt about that. Had I turned in a different direction, I'd have made it. It's my fault.
WALLACE: Oh, no one has ever suggested that for an instant! What you did was show great bravery and great presence of mind. What was on the citation that was given you for your work on November twenty-second, 1963?
HILL: I don't care about that, Mike.
WALLACE: "Extraordinary courage and heroic effort in the face of maximum danger."
HILL: Mike, I don't care about that. If I had reacted just a little bit quicker, and I could have, I guess. And I'll live with that to my grave.



December 7, 1975 - 60 Minutes Interview - On CBS News


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